Thursday Thankfulness, A squiggle here, a squiggle there, a thousand lines later.

My friend Ces from “Ces and her dishes” is worthy of Wednesday wonder, but since I know her personally, I thought it would be nice to say a few words.

What is it like to know someone with magic in their fingers? To have an idea of the monumental feat of pen and ink to perform something so beautiful.

All things come together to form an image of beauty, many lines, many thoughts, and many years of practice bring Ces to something that is easy for her, something of a second nature, something of play, something of beauty for the rest of us.

I appreciate this feat, I touch the paper, I see the lines, I see the play of light and dark and then my heart swells with love, love for someone who can make her thoughts come out of her hands.

The beauty that is Ces’ brain.

Isn’t that Cesalicious??? Thank you!

I am feeling very thankful for the wondrous people who I have met in my life and in the blogs that can make their visions come out of their head. Ces is only one of them. I am lucky to know so many of them.

How did I get so lucky?

This is indeed a wondrous world we live in! 

I remember this when I read a well turned phrase, a montage of color put just so, a felted flower, a poem of words and feelings, a doll of beauty and one of feeling, someplace where the artists in my life show their deepest soul and I feel it, I really feel it.

I forget this sometimes, with all of the strife and struggle, the bills to pay, the chores to do, the wounds to heal, the pain to get over, and the life to lead.

I was feeling grateful and wanted to share with you!

Show your beauty, someone like me is just waiting for the moment.


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