From plain to fabulous

I have these cardboard paper mache boxes. I love them, they are inexpensive, they are hearts, and I love brown paper covered things for some reason.

I have had these for a long time, I was going to do something with them but never did.

I used the top as a template on the black Cernit clay rolled out on the first thickest setting.

Cut out the heart that I traced.

I used the Crafter’s Pick Glue for the top and spread some on it. A thin even layer over the whole top is all you need. Do not get it on the sides of the lid.

I then took the cut out black clay heart and placed it on the top of the paper mache lid and made sure it was lined up and gently from one side to the other pushed the clay to the box.

I stamped the heart with a stamp I got from Rubber Stamp Plantation, Lotus Corner.

I decorated the lid with a word mold “Believe” I made with large alphabet noodles, and some other molds I have made.

Then I took some Pearl-ex pigments and brushed them on the clay.

I used the Reflex Violet around the outside so that it would match the 569 violet Lumiere I was going to paint the box with.

You can see how to apply the Pearl-ex in this post

I used the same colors of Pearl-ex too!

I baked the box lid with clay in my home pre-heated oven to 275 degrees for 30 minutes. I then shut off the oven and let it cool in there until I could touch it without pain. ;-D

When the lid was completely cool, I painted the box inside and out with Violet Lumiere and let it dry completely.


I wish I could transform myself this easily.

Collette Baron-Reid calls these “God boxes”

put your troubles in there and give it up to God.

I wonder if they make bigger(huge) heart boxes???

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