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Welcome, Giveaway, and Etsy

Theresa made this with one of my hearts. It is so beautiful

and she made it look so good with the great beading she did!

Welcome to all my new visitors from Theresa’s page, I am so happy to have you visit.

Blessings on you all, new and committed!

Theresa from Faerie Moon Creations Her Blog is Welcome to my World  has posted a

Terrifically Talented Thursday! Clay and Crochet (DOUBLE Giveaway!)  

Theresa also has an Etsy store and features people on thursdays that she finds.

Theresa’s store is

She has beautiful things and great prices.

It is about ME!!!!!!!!!! and a Talented woman named Emily. I am throwing my name in here with Emily LOL!!

Her shop is Nothing but String  and Emily specializes in handmade Irish Crochet Lace Jewelry and Gifts. You should see this stuff people, that is talent. 


Theresa has so graciously featured both of us, thank you Theresa, you are a jewel. Please visit her and Emily.


The giveaway- this is a two-fer too!

“Emily will give away one crocheted hibiscus flower similar to the one featured above to one lucky reader! The winner will be able to select this custom-created flower in the color combination of her choice! The dimensions of the hibiscus are 6″ w x 4.5″ l. The flower makes the perfect embellishment for scrapbooks, journals, head bands, pillows, afghans, and so much more!”


I’m also pleased to announce that Marie will also be gifting a lucky winner with a custom-designed Sacred Heart (similar in style to the heart featured on the light switch plate). Let Marie know how you wish to embellish the heart, and she will tailor it to your specifications!”


Did you hear that? Emily and I are giving away stuff

“ON Theresa’s Blog”

Your comment here will be lovely and I enjoy the heck out of them, but it will not count. It will only count on Theresa’s blog.

Did I tell you I have an Etsy store?

I am still working on things and trying to get everything in order. If you have any questions, just let me know.

I have to do something with my creations or my husband is going to kick me out!

This is why I have been so absent, well that, and a gall bladder attack, Madi getting sick, depression, fear, doing my web pages, and just life in general.


I got in my first Treasury on Etsy

Oh, I am so excited. I got an Etsy Shop. I was going to announce it tomorrow, but I got in my very first Treasury. I am such a newbie at Etsy, all I can do is post the link for you. LOL!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow though.

Please go check it out and check Cheryl out.

Cheryl from Cheryl’s art is the sweetie that did this.

Your work is gorgeous!

Thank you so much Cheryl, I am so honored to be in there with all those talented people!

Oh and check me out too!


To antique or not to antique… part 6

Clicking on the picture will take you to the picture

and story of these little mice.

Lone from Flowermouse Designs has a wonderful blog and attitude, I like her. Her work is joyful and brilliant in design and color. The girl works in rainbows a lot and I adore that. She usually also has a sweet little parable that goes with each picture and post to tie the two together, Lone’s words of wisdom. Eye and mind candy.

Clicking on this picture will take you to the story of this necklace

and a larger picture

The reason I am talking about her now is to show you how she has antiqued, washed, or painted her pieces to great effect. Have a visit to the lovely Lone, you will enjoy it.

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