Off on another track and a look at the mirror

I am off on another track. I love the sacred hearts I have been making and I am making more. I didn’t get a chance to get a picture of the new ones I had made yesterday.

Maybe you can see why I have a hard time standing still long enough to photograph anything when I am following my muse. Sometimes she will let me stop and take a breath and sometimes I am puffing real hard just trying to keep up with her.

I have learned after all of these years that if you have the chance to follow a muses lead, you will be happy(and tired) coming out the other end. Your house might suffer, your family might not like you anymore, and you may need a shower and a good nap, but you will be happy.

I am so grateful to be able to, most of the time, follow my muses lead, it is very important to me. My family having known me for so long, is very tolerant, maybe not happy, but tolerant. ;-D It must be hell living with an artist sometimes. Or maybe it is heaven. Anyway, they do put up with a lot. I am grateful.

Having no pictures of my latest, I dug through my files to see what I could put up today.

I am putting up some earrings I made probably back in 1981-1982, maybe earlier. No laughing, everyone starts in exactly the same place, the beginning. I started there too. I just don’t usualy show anyone anymore. ;-D

I think it is a natural progression of working with oven bake clay to play with the scraps, they are so beautiful and the colors are fantastic. With the group of people that started in beginning of polymer clay, we all did this playing. After all, there were no instructions at that time.

Well, one of the things that happened when you cut a scrap ball of clay in half is…

each side of the cut would be a mirror image of each other.

I am telling you kids, I thought this was hot stuff back then and could spend hours doing this. There were also real interesting pictures inside too!

I called them mirror or mirror image beads. Such a descriptive title, eh?

The pair on the bottom right are just scrap coils twisted, that were rolled in to snails.

So get out your clay and start at the beginning. Get to know it first. Make snakes.

Have a great day and be sure to play!


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