Monday updates

I have some stuff to share, These are some of my blog buddies that are having giveaways on their blogs. Thought I would let you know so you do not miss them. If I missed anyone let me know and I will add you. At this point I am sooooooooooooo far behind. With no hope of catching up. I just might throw in the towel and start in the beginning again. So if missed you I am so so so sorry.

Gorgeous bead gourd by Nicole!



Moriah at MLB Studios http://mlbetterly.blogspot.com/

Moriah makes Goth tiny tiny!!

Jaz at October Farms http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/

This weeks Teddy’s Treats Giveaway consists of this milk glass covered compote and three embroidered doilies.

Jaz gives away great food recipes all of the time.


*Update*Susan at a Walk in the park http://awalkinthepark-susan.blogspot.com/

Is having a giveaway on her other blog Let’s loose weight this year http://myyearlongplan.blogspot.com/

With a review and this as the giveaway

I could really use this one!

**Update Update**

Jolly Jonty at Darkside creations has little giveaway going on http://darksidecreations.blogspot.com/

Here is your chance to win a troll screamer

Scroll down on his blog and info is in the right hand column 

Check out Jonty’s amazing creations

***Update Update Update***

Jan over at Lucy’s Baby http://lucysbaby.blogspot.com/

is having a giveaway.


She also has some funky vintage pieces she is selling, check them out.



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