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Taking shape-changing ideas and altered directions part 2

Another Brooch, another direction.


Taking shape-changing ideas and altered directions

While I am working on my Iron Angels, many pictures as well as ideas come in to my head and then the designs expand from there. I am having a great deal of fun playing in this steampunky place! I also think that this play will in turn reflect back on my angels when I make another one of those.

To me this is like doodling or journaling, but not writing or drawing the images, but actually making them.

I used to think I wasn’t doing it right if I made things this way. Now I realize that it just might be the way ideas develop for me.

The only thing really wrong with it is that you end up with tons of pieces. 

This is one of the brooches that came from that play!


Monday Updates 2


Flor Larios is having a give away!

 “I will be giving a custom made wood block!!! You can choose your favorite image. Isn’t that cool?I will be announcing the winner April 8th.”

Thank you Flor, I love your art! Top right hand corner is the one I want!


Marzel is having a couple of giveaways at the Play of Light and Shadow

Day of the dead panties (you know you need these!)

and the Easter giveaway is for a pair of Jack Skellington Briefs size 14-18. (just as cool)

The are other very cool things in both these giveaways.

Way to go Marzel, both awesome giveaways.


Jaz at October Farm’s dog Teddy is having a giveaway.

A cut glass divided dish and a cute pressed glass oval dish.

There is also a recipe for some awesome pasta!

Thank you Jaz for being such a generous human and thank you Teddy for having such great taste.


Ends on the 31st, hurry!!!

Mrs.B is having a giveaway sponsored by Moonstone Jewelry. Here is what I want.

“But I definitely found the ring that was just perfect for me. Aaaaaand, Moonstone Jewelry was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for this week! The winner of this giveaway will get either their choice of any item that is $50 or less OR a coupon code for $50 off any item! Here’s what you need to do to enter:

Read more:



Pattee at Odd-dolls  is having a giveaway too and I almost missed it. I can not believe it. You have to hurry, she is picking the winner tomorrow 03/31/10

Get a move on.   

“Mitsty is a jointed doll and sort of primitive. She has vintage lace and vintage flower (and one that I made myself)…. So please join in this giveaway…”




Do not forget to visit last week’s update, some of those giveaways may still be going on.

 Also come back to this post through out the week because I do updates, if there are any!

As always, if I missed your giveaway and I follow you, I did not mean to. Let me know and I will post it for you!


Happy Birthday my loves

Today is my mother in laws Birthday. She would have been 80 years old. She died from breast cancer on February 2nd, 2010.

My MIL was smart, a strong and loving woman, and a little psychic.

My MIL was also blatantly honest and expressed her opinion, whether you liked it or not.


Today is Renee Kahn’s  Birthday. She would have been 54 years old and she also died from breast cancer on March 9th, 2010.

Renee was strong, a smart and loving woman, and a little psychic.

Renee was also blatantly honest and expressed her opinion, whether you liked it or not.

Thank you ladies for your time and friendship, you are loved and dearly missed.

Happy Birthday!


Iron Angel #4

This is my favorite Angel so far


Iron Angel 3

This is my 3rd Iron angel but she was done 2nd! They are so confused.

And I found a piece that I did between 1999-2001. I loved this piece, but I antiqued it with Ne-Opaque Black recently and I now love it even more. It even has Friendly Plastic in it!

I didn’t know this was called Steampunk then. I think it fits real well in that category.

Also I think this is so worth reading. It is from one of my favorite people, Mother Moon . The wonderful words and wisdom is titled “Positive Attitude”

The small piece here is just the beginning.

“There is always something positive in any situation. Sometimes it is hard to see the silver lining that may be so faint that the darkness of the clouds that it encircles keeps you from focusing on it. Yet still it is present. Sometimes it is not immediate that you are blessed with the goodness of a situation. Sometimes it can take time… Sometime it can take years….. Sometimes you may never see it… yet it is still present. Sometimes the gain is not necessarily for you, yet for another. Who through your trial and manner in which you handle and work through it, are inspired in an area of their lives to do likewise.”


On that brilliant note, onward and upward my pretties!!



Monday updates

I have some stuff to share, These are some of my blog buddies that are having giveaways on their blogs. Thought I would let you know so you do not miss them. If I missed anyone let me know and I will add you. At this point I am sooooooooooooo far behind. With no hope of catching up. I just might throw in the towel and start in the beginning again. So if missed you I am so so so sorry.

Gorgeous bead gourd by Nicole!



Moriah at MLB Studios

Moriah makes Goth tiny tiny!!

Jaz at October Farms

This weeks Teddy’s Treats Giveaway consists of this milk glass covered compote and three embroidered doilies.

Jaz gives away great food recipes all of the time.


*Update*Susan at a Walk in the park

Is having a giveaway on her other blog Let’s loose weight this year

With a review and this as the giveaway

I could really use this one!

**Update Update**

Jolly Jonty at Darkside creations has little giveaway going on

Here is your chance to win a troll screamer

Scroll down on his blog and info is in the right hand column 

Check out Jonty’s amazing creations

***Update Update Update***

Jan over at Lucy’s Baby

is having a giveaway.


She also has some funky vintage pieces she is selling, check them out.



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